Month: August 2010

Ceramic art exhibition

A collective ceramics exhibition entitled Out of the Fire opens on October 24 at Heritage Malta in Merchants Street, Valletta.
The exhibition will showcase the works of seven local female artists – Sue Mifsud, Julie Apap, Zell Osborne, Barbara Attard Pettett, Deborah Marmara, Talia Maggi and Rosella Schembri – and display many of the different techniques and firing methods that this art form allows.
Visitors will be offered an insight into the versatility of clay in experienced hands and the resonance of each artist’s character through their use of this medium. Glazes and forms vary widely, as do sources of inspiration – ranging from the Mediterranean environment and heritage, to more introvert emotions and personal beliefs. Bright, metallic raku colours and subtle earth tones demonstrate a mastery of heat work which enhances the controlled, textured surfaces of sculptures, wall hangings and functional ware.

Categories: Art