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Use 360 Virtual Tours For Unmatched Prominence To Products

Photo descriptions have become extremely important for e-commerce stores. Most galleries have multiple images of the product put one after the other which means that the buyer has to patiently click through the images, to cut this process short, a 360 virtual tour will help. The montreal 360 virtual tour enable your customers to sense that they can nearly touch what you are providing and it is of utmost significance in letting them purchase. visite virtuelle 360 can interest, excite and intrigue through panoramas.

Though it is true that online shopping has completely changed the way Internet is used, it will still take some time for most Internet users to blindly believe online stores. Also, the clients visiting will certainly find your message completely irresistible when you use google virtual tour. You can highlight a three-dimensional view of any product luring customers to turn into buyers. When you have a photo rotate feature enabled into your e-commerce store, you are also able to highlight the hidden features of the product, such as the back of a watch, the rim of glass, the stitches of clothes, etc.

People would like to see precisely what they are going to obtain. Why not make them feel the uniqueness of the hotel rooms, facilities and few hotels’ exclusive sites in addition to the beautiful countryside, the interesting places, sites where the entire family can take pleasure. Through 360 virtual photography, you will not just make your clients online search a joy, but you will also be able to show off your services more appropriately.

Benefits of 360 virtual tour

Allow your customers feel that they are there

Makes your website liveable

Assists you to get ahead from all of your strong competitors

Usage of high definition photography that easily fits onto your website

360 virtual tour photography is the most cost effective method of attaining the desired attention of the potential online clients and offer your services exclusively. Add virtual tour photography today to bring life to your website.

360 photography is a branch of photography that seems to be very popular lately, with many photographers (professional or not) being interested in it. You take several photos, making sure each time you move your camera with let’s say 50%. Once you got all your shots, you stitch the images, and there you have it your very own 360 virtual tour real estate.

This is the application that allows anyone to stitch two or more pictures together. There are many such applications out there, and it is up to every photographer to choose the software he or she thinks is best.

Usually, montreal 360 come with a sample set of photos on which to experiment and with some of the programs, you will have to select the whole set of photos and they are then opened simultaneously and put together, and the finished photo is automatically saved.

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Why Do You Have To Adhere With Influencer Marketing?

If you are one of those who love selling items because you are in the commercial industry, the there is no best way for you to adhere but to go with influencer marketing. Apparently, there are several merchants who choose for this option because of the certain benefits that they can acquire through the help of the influencer in their business. First and foremost, your business has the chance of going global when you opt to utilize influencer marketing for your business. Nowadays, there are few individuals who have trust with the conventional marketing of the products and services. They trust more those individuals whom they know and can influence them with the products and services that they intend to purchase. In connection to this, it would be ideal for you to go for influencer marketing platform so as to generate several people who can influence others for the promotion of your business.

There is indeed a big help that can be obtained from word of mouth in terms of promoting the products and services however, it is also most advantageous for you to utilize social media when you are planning to go global. Social media can be used as your influencer marketing platform to promote what you can offer to the people. There are countless of people who are using social media today because of the fact that we are now dealing with a highly modernized planet thus, there is a chance for you to connect with them for your business. People’s friends and relatives can serve as their influencer for the products and services that you are offering to them. Your potential customers definitely trust their friends and relatives a lot. For instance that people will be interested with your products and services being offered to them through the influencer marketing platform, it is highly possible that they can influence their friends and relatives then.

On the other flip side, it is also possible for you to adhere with the idea of getting the service of the professional influencers who render service today. Because of the influencer marketing that contributes a lot to the promotion of the business, they are becoming famous in the commercial industry today. These people don’t sell the products and services that you offer to the consumers instead they share unto them. There is an assurance that they are definitely professionals in the area of marketing because they are well-trained when it comes to this matter. They have plenty of followers in their social media account that can possibly be your potential customers when they will be shared with information regarding your business.

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Green SEO and Its Wonderfully Amazing Benefits

There are many businesses out there that are really concerned about eco friendly products and if your business is also concerned about this, you should really start taking steps to being more green and eco friendly. Because there was so much bad things that has happened in the past, there are more and more people who are more concerned about eco friendly things now because they really want to preserve this Earth that we are all living on. So if you are one of these businesses, then it is important to let your customers know this. Here is where green SEO comes in. There are so many benefits that you can get from green SEO and today we are going to look at some of those wonderful benefits so stick with us to find out what these benefits are.

If you know anything about SEO, you know that using keywords can really help you get more traffic and the like so it is really good to use keywords. If you want your customers and your clients to find out that your online business is promoting eco friendliness, you should really use keywords that point to this fact so that they will really know and understand where you are coming from. There are many keywords that you can add to your titles and to the articles that you write about that really point to eco friendliness so this is really a good and a very smart move. Green SEO will help by giving your website whenever these keywords are typed in the search engine. So this is the first benefit that green SEO can provide for you and your business.

Another really great way that you can promote and get more traffic to your websites is through social media. You should link your websites and your social accounts to each other so that you can really gain more traffic and this is something that SEO or search engine optimization helps you to do. So because of this, you will also want to go green in your social media accounts. If your social media accounts are pointing to your green business, then people will be interested to check out your website. If you are not using green SEO yet, you are really missing out on a lot of things so start using it today and you will really not regret it.

You do not need to pay lots of cash to advertise your business through TV or radio ads, because you can do a more effective way of advertising your green business, and that is through green SEO.

however, there are many more benefits that green SEO can provide for your green business.

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Little Changes That Make a Huge Difference

If you are like many people around you, then you have goals that you have to achieve as quickly as possible. This is true, especially when it comes to your health. But what’s disappointing to know is that even though you have exerted huge efforts and have done big things, you still hold your goals within the palms of your hand. Do you think the problem is with the size? Maybe you are trying too hard. If you shift your mind to the small things and start as little as you can, you could see some nice effects. Do not forget that things so small make the biggest difference.


Talking of small things, don’t you know that flossing can actually make huge changes in your life. Yes, that’s what I said. If you floss your teeth everyday, you could add years to your life. If you do not floss, you could leave some bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria can enter your bloodstream and produce effects that you do not want to know or even imagine. For example, they could cause inflammation in the arteries, which could be start of heart disease. This only means that flossing is great for your heart, other than giving you a good breath and a set of teeth that are pearly white.


There has been a lot of questions about the good or bad effects of using electronic cigarettes. Well, if what you are after at is to know more information about electronic cigarettes, then finding a good source will never be a problem if you go online. But one thing is certain and that is electronic cigarettes giving you the chance to control your consumption of nicotine. If you want too much, you can have it. But the better side of it is that if you want to minimize your consumption of nicotine, these types of cigarettes just allow you to do that. This means that if you wish to gradually quit on smoking, it can help you.


Perhaps, you have been occupied with so many things to do that you have longer visited your gym. But wait a second, exercise is not like that. If you cannot go to work without brushing your teeth, treat exercise in the same manner. And it may just be a small thing but it will do your health a lot.

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Different Ways to Calm Your Soul and Your Mind for a Better You

Every day we all go through a lot of things. Depending on antidepressants to calm their minds and souls are what many people do today. Here and there they have a lot of worries. To feel calm and satisfied while being busy in this world is there any way for you to do that? Always yes is the answer but you have to find it. Right now you are fortunate because this article will help you.

To calm your soul and your mind in this busy world there are many ways to do so. Here are some of the smartest ways to do that for you.

Right Perspectives. The reason why numerous individuals in this world are not happy and enjoying it is because their perspectives about themselves and everything around is not right at all. Your mind is a magnifying glass. It is out of proportion blowing your mind. Putting down the magnifying glass makes it easier for you to see everything in the right perspective. Whatever you focus on grows. Beautiful is the mind that you have to take care.

Right Tools. Why not trust the latest trends from the millennial individuals instead of trusting those antidepressants to calm your minds. Calming them all the time are because of these new trends that are very effective. To help you quit smoking cigarettes these some ways will help you. These are e-cigarettes we are talking about. Here are top 10 E-Cigarette myths debunked that will prove to you that e-cigarettes are better than cigarettes.

Right Knowledge. It is quite alarming that even though there are too many facts you find online today you are not sure if all of them are real. People are saying as an example that vaping is not safe. Vaping is safe as well explained in the top 10 e-cigarette myths debunked. Smoking cigarette is way more dangerous than vaping or using e-cigarettes. Here you will know why top 10 e-cigarette myths debunked verified that using e-cigarettes are better than regular smoking. If you say there’s antifreeze in e-cigarettes then you are absolutely wrong. The propylene glycol which you can actually find in most foods and drinks are what you can find in e-cigarettes which is explained in the top 10 e-cigarette myths debunked which tells you that e-cigarettes has no antifreeze or whatsoever. The top 10 E-Cigarette myths debunked tells you that e-cigarettes are not addictive.

Right Science. Your science is very important and you must be aware of science facts. To take care of your body well first you must know what is right. This includes proper exercise, good sleep and rehydration. To be your best avoiding getting tired is important.

Make sure to acquire a right state of mind.

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Mind Boggling Medical Developments

Today, there has been some advances in the field of medical research which has seen some great potential and application in treating diseases and other applications. All over the world researches are being conducted so that they can come up with more products and they can have cures for widespread diseases. This research work needs a lot of money and the reason why many countries invest large sums of money for this. And this is a great undertaking. With the success of these researches, it would benefit humanity a lot if it could bring cures and treatments for our present diseases. Today, there are a few research successes that have been shown to benefit even the people living in this day and age. There are amazing and mind boggling developments in research at the present time. Below are some of these developments.

Biology is one subject that is a very challenging one. The life of plants and animals are unknown to most human beings today. However, one of the great developments in this science is the discovery of growing human tissue on spinach leaves. They use the veins of the spinach leaves in order to carry blood back and forth to the tissues. This research development has many great applications. One of this is enabling heart transplants to be conducted in the future without the fear of being rejected by the donor. This development makes repairing your heart possible. It is great to hear such advances that can help us with our health problems.

In cancer research, one development is the approval of e-cigarettes to be a safe nicotine replacement. A group of e-cigarette smokers were studies while they smoked e-cigarettes for more than a year. The goal was to check if there are traces of the twenty chemicals found in cigarettes in the urine and saliva of the people in the group. Alongside the e-cigarettes smokers, were cigarette smokers and those who took nicotine replacements, and they too were tested. It showed that the best nicotine replacement was vaping. You still need to be careful even though this is a great development. There are said to be e-liquids that contain harmful chemicals that can also harm the body. You need to research to find the best e-liquids.

Another development is the use of DNA for long time storage. In this latest breakthrough DNA is used to store and recover large files within it by programming data into codes that are known by the DNA. Retrieving the data is done simply by sequencing it back into the code that a computer can read. This is one of the greatest discovering today in bio technology. As small as four grams of DNA is large enough to store volumes of data that you can imagine.

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Alternatives to Your Addiction

The world we live in today offers so many things that we can, and may already be addicted to; there are those that even use certain chemicals to make the day easier to survive through. Most of the time, items and substances like these are viewed as completely normal because almost everyone uses them. As life gets more and more challenging and prices seem to do nothing but rise, we seriously have to let go of all the unimportant expenses; hundreds and thousands of people have been buried in debt because of their need to spend for their addiction. It’s a good thing that every sort of addiction has numerous solutions; keep in mind that the road to getting rid of simple addictions is not that easy to take.

Regarding digital addiction, the most common and obvious one comes from all sorts of social media. Alongside the help of the structure of social media, we’re able to connect with anyone, anywhere. Users continuously trade follows, comments and likes and it makes them feel popular; because of this, users gradually spend more and more time on their accounts. A great option in solving this addiction is to actually go out and meet with friend or new people. So the next time you think about spending an entire afternoon on your social media account, plan a meet up with friends instead; that’s how we were designed to socialise, plus it’s a better and healthier option compared to the first.

Next on our list is a more serious addiction compared to the first. Gambling has been part of people’s lives for centuries now, even the oldest of books and records mention them, but now people can spend an overwhelming amount of money for gambling even in their homes. The internet is teeming with online casinos and they let players play like they would in actual casinos; the main difference is that the boards as well as other players are digital. Online gambling is fuelled by the satisfaction that player get when winning and you can still get the same feeling from competitive videos games; competitive video games are a lot more cost-effective.

In terms of addictive substance, the most addictive and common would be nicotine which is found in cigarettes. We don’t need to state the effects of smoking but if you want a better and safer alternative, then e-cigarettes is perfect choice for you; e-cigarettes are as safe as any other nicotine alternatives out there. Buying an e-cigarette for yourself is simple, just search for a website, read customer reviews and pay.

About 90% of Americans are currently addicted to anything with caffeine; it’s a stimulant that hastens the body’s consumption of resources and increases the heart rate and give it an energy rush. Coffee is can’t damage your health if you don’t over drink, but you still should look for better energy giving drinks.

Watercolour Paintings Exhibition by Jacqueline Agius

Jacqueline Agius is currently exhibiting some of her latest watercolour paintings at the Trattoria Fiorino D’Oro in Salina, L/O Naxxar. Art in Malta. Fawwara
She has a strong affinity for the outdoors and is particularly interested in capturing a sense of atmosphere and mood in her paintings. She loves the landscape with its open spaces and especially the warm stone buildings and churches standing proud against the skyline. Her aim is to work a spell on the viewer, to stir feelings.
Trattoria Fiorino D’Oro is located at it-Telgha t’Alla w Ommu, Salina and is open Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm to 11 pm and Sunday from 12 pm – 3 pm.
Art in Malta. Mdina

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Meeting Christopher Saliba

How did you start your artistic journey? Art in Malta - Christopher Saliba
I showed an inclination towards artistic aptitudes since I was very young. I remember myself scribbling sketches of crucifixes during lessons at school. As I grew up, I have always found the courage to move onwards, thanks to the support of my family and friends.
I graduated in art education at the University of Malta in 1996. During my Bachelors, I studied under two well know Maltese artists who require no introduction. They are Harry Alden and Anton Agius.
The breakthrough to my artistic career occurred in 1997 after I won a scholarship at the Accademia di Belle Arti Pietro Vannucci in Perugia. This academy is one of the most renowned art academies from which most famous local artists emerged. During these intensive years I explored different techniques and media which enabled me to evolve my artistic language. I might say that this introspective research is still ongoing, since the artistic development is never-ending.
How do you define your art?
If I have to define my art I might rather label it as Expressionist. An Expressionist artist is more interested in distorting reality and liberating his or her emotions rather than creating a faithful representation of what may appear familiar. I always felt that I should never copy or reproduce reality, but rather show my deep emotions in relation to what captures my attention. There is no question that photography is more objective and accurate in registering data from the surrounding environments, so I find it challenging to re-invent the world around me.
What encouragement did you receive during your artistic journey?
The support from my family was very important. I have also found support from several other individuals since I organised my first solo exhibition. I also acknowledge the support I have been given from the Maltese and Italian Governments who gave me the opportunity to widen my knowledge at the art academy in Perugia.
What inspires you?
The development of artistic movements and trends does not stop with the Impressionists, the Expressionists and Post-Second World War artists. Together with the traditional Arts of Painting and Sculpture, one has to mention as well the relevance of Video Art and Installations which are dominating the current artistic scenario in the USA and European countries. In terms of painting, Alberto Burri and Nicholas de Stael are two important artists from the post-war era whom I admire a lot. On the other hand, I find the work of post-modern artists Richard Long and Bill Viola very fascinating and stimulating. In relation to Maltese art, I am a great admirer of artists like Willie Apap and Emvin Cremona who made outstanding contributions throughout their artistic career.
Which is your preferred medium?
Like every other artist, I configure mental images which sometimes develop into finished works. The difficulty is how to transform your ideas and present them to the viewers. The versatility of my artistic approach enables me to develop my ideas with a wide range of media, which include sculpture, photography, acrylics, oils and mixed media. As regards painting, I usually treat my canvasses with a primer to create textured surfaces. Personally, I feel that by roughening the surface of my canvasses I give character and a personal idiom to my paintings.
What comes through your mind before you start applying paint onto your canvas?
It depends whether I am working on a figurative or a non-figurative painting. In the case of figurative art, the process is easier since I make use of the visual data which condition the final result. In the case of non-figurative or abstract art, I usually make use of simple sketches and drawings which develop gradually into final works What is common to all my abstract paintings is the meticulous search for balance and proportion between forms, colours and texture. Basically, my works consist of pre-structured and orderly plans which are rendered in a spontaneous and emotional way. One could easily notice in my paintings a certain extent of impulsiveness in my brushstrokes which definitely reflect and complement my personality.
When do you dedicate your time to art?
I enjoy working most during natural daylight. I can see the colours as they are supposed to look. I don’t like winter-time since days are shorter and there is less daylight. I prefer the seasons of Spring and Autumn during which colours are bright and contrasting.
What can you say about the financial aspect in relation to your own perspective?
The life of an artist is not an easy one. It has to be self-fulfilling and one would lie to himself or herself if the prior intention is to please the observers. The artist should always be true to himself and please first and foremost himself with his work. Somebody bound or committed to produce what other people like is not an artist at all. A true artist should always be free to express himself or herself in the ways he or she feels appropriate. If an artist exploits his art for financial interests and gains, his art is contaminated. I am not saying that financial success is not important; it is acceptable when achieved as a natural by-product of genuine artistic efforts. Financial success is important since it encourages artists to keep on working.
What do you think about those artists who try and hide behind abstract art?
I feel that abstract art, which is just one branch of contemporary art, is relatively more challenging to produce than figurative art. In abstract art, the artist has no visual reference from objective reality. The artist has to get in touch solely with his inner self. Colours, forms and rhythms are then combined harmoniously to express the relative states of mind.
Do you see any difference between Maltese artists and international artists?
There are cultural differences. The artist who lives in a metropolis has different visual and cultural influences. Local artists sometimes tend to be more restricted in their expression. For instance, few dare deliver political messages through their work. Few dare to be poignant in terms of cultural and political discrimination. Maybe these are areas yet untouched by local artists.

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Liz Sutcliffe visiting Malta

“Based near Leeds in England I work with various media including oils, pastels and ink/metallic. I am a self publishing artist with a portfolio of limited edition prints of my original paintings.” Liz Sutcliffe
“Art is in my blood and I have drawn and painted all my life. My formal art education was completed at an esteemed college in Yorkshire, and I turned professional in 2002. The style of painting is very individual and unique. I have developed this style and worked to perfect it over the years.”
“I show regularly in exhibitions in my home county and some of my work can be seen in the gallery of my dealer in London. My first major exhibition was in Manchester in March 2002, followed by the Corn Exchange, Edinburgh in August 2003 which aroused a lot of interest. Subsequently my work has been reproduced in several magazines, one of which awarded me their prize for “Artist of the Year”.”
“As a consequence my paintings have been finding their way into private collections all over the world. I have accepted commissions from Italy and America as well as London, and in autumn 2006 I travelled to Hong Kong to complete a commission for an art collector there (Ballerina Silhouette). “
Liz, has visited Malta during February and March. The artist visited a number of local Artists such as Alfred Briffa, Vince Briffa and Gabriel Caruana. The artist should be exhibiting a number of work at a local gallery in the near future.

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