See NYC: Why Everyone Should Visit the Traditional Locations

There is so much to do in New York City that a weekend trip or even a week spent in.

There is so much to do in New York City that a weekend trip or even a week spent in the busy urban destination is not enough to see it all. A plan helps to make the most out of sightseeing time and can make it easier to avoid wasting time in traffic to get back and forth across the city. The vast number of events taking place and the must-see sites make it difficult to narrow down what will fit into the average visit. Here are some suggestions about what to do first.

Visit Legendary Locations

Photos of the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge instantly make people think about New York. Do not miss these locations because they are so important to the appeal of the city and the history of the United States. A few selfies with these fixtures in the background are necessary when seeing the city. Most people feel a sense of awe once arriving, despite how often people see the images in photographs and on television.

Enjoy a Show

Live world-class entertainment continues all year at the Metropolitan Opera, The NYC Ballet, Radio City Music Hall and in any of the 41 theaters along Broadway. There is never a better time to view a play or attend a concert than when visiting NYC. Many events sell out, so order tickets for interesting shows in advance.

See the Park

One of the best Places to Visit in NYC is Central Park. The best-known public park in the country and possibly in the world, Central Park covers 843 acres that host over 40 million visitors every year. The park is a National Historic Landmark and it may become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is much more to do in this city park than feed ducks and sit on park benches. Within the borders of the park, there is a castle, fountains, and a carousel. There is also a zoo, gardens and much more.

Plan carefully, but also leave free some time open on the schedule. It is very easy to become distracted by all the unexpected sights of the city and most people will stumble upon a few interesting shops or restaurants they need to explore.

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